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awesome faves are awesome o3o


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Hi Guys c:

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 8, 2012, 2:56 AM
  • Mood: Crazy
  • Listening to: 90s music
  • Reading: your dog
  • Watching: your mom
  • Playing: dance central 2
  • Eating: your face
  • Drinking: water
so... i haven't had an update in forever... seriously, it's been about a year XDDD;;; SO! i figured i would update my life a little.

i've been trying to be a lot more active lately :U i want to stop being lazy so i joined a gym and i've been playing dance central 2 like CRAZYYYYY. BODIE~ *w* he's so pretty~

...anyway. so since i've been busy being... busy XD and when i'm not dancing, i'm drawing... i haven't been on dA lately. not to mention i'm working full time now, so i'm at work all day monday through friday -@ the money's awesome, but it seriously takes away from  my drawing time. lol.

UMMMMM let's see what else... i'm still on my robin kick. i love the robins~ specially dick and jason. so i'm working on part 2 of my robin doodles AND i'm working on an animation that is relevant to my interests =3= hopefully i'll be able to finish and post it. lol it's definitely going to take a while though.

i got my hair cut c:

errrr... if i accepted requests from you and they aren't done yet... they prolly never will be done XD; sorry! i don't feel too bad cuz they were requests, ya know? it's not like you paid for them, otherwise, yes i would have done them XD sorry guys, it's just that the only reason i take requests is because i have no ideas for myself. and every time i accept requests, i'm immediately struck with inspiration... to draw for myself XD and i end up never getting around to the requests ._. i'm a terrible person lol.

sorry if i don't respond to messages immediately. i get REALLY lazy and procrastinate and let my messages build up forever before i finally cave and go through them all. so... it's not that i don't want to talk to you or that i don't appreciate the faves... i'm just fucking lazy as hell and would rather spend my time drawing or dancing XD

hrm... i recently spent a lot of money on a sailor moon belt, a batman belt, and a portal 2 shirt XD so my inner nerd is bursting at the seams right now.

i still plan on being batgirl for halloween. i just need to get started on the damn costume;;; OTL

and on a final note... i currently have ALL but ONE achievement for portal 2. the ONLY ONE i still need is hugging three people on my friends list in co-op. unfortunately, only one of my xbox friends has portal 2... and i don't really play online cuz online people tend to be mean, so i don't have a lot of xbox friends >3>; anyway, i'm still missing two hugs! so. if you have portal 2 and xbox live and you're up for it, will you please friend me and hug me in co-op? c: we don't even have to actually play, just hug me D: just two people. I WANT THAT ACHIEVEMENT!!! /sobs

i think that's it, i can't come up with anything else XD thanks for reading! :3 i love my dA peeps and i hope you all have a happy easter. unless you don't celebrate easter. in which case i hope you have a happy totally normal, not religious day. lol i feel like i'm forgetting something, so i'll prolly have another update soon. i'm gonna try to update a little more often. -cheers!

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i'm bunny~

current residence | texas c: |
favourite colour | PURPLE |
favourite movies | horror! | the exorcist | the ring | paranormal activity 1 & 2 |
favourite bands | queen | the beatles | linkin park | lady gaga | poe | alanis morissette | garbage | reel big fish | weird al yankovic | sugar ray | smash mouth | green day | evanescence | my chemical romance | nickelback | three days grace | breaking benjamin | daft punk | ABBA | electric light orchestra | genesis | pink floyd | vivaldi | bach | mozart | beethoven | imogen heap | karsh kale | spice girls | t.a.t.u. |
favourite games | the silent hill series | portal 1 and 2 | batman: arkham asylum/arkham city | left 4 dead 2 | okami | alan wake | perfect dark | pokemon puzzle league | super smash brothers brawl | the sims 3| the resident evil series | pokemon yellow version | super mario bros 3 |
personal quote | shake it like a baby |

current obsession | the batfamily, particularly dick grayson and jason todd <3 |

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