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lame gallery is lame XP


awesome faves are awesome o3o


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Blair - Dimension Hopper by bunnystar
Blair - Dimension Hopper

SO it's been a million years since I've posted on dA. So long, that the submission process is COMPLETELY different and confusing and I don't like it XD Anyway, I really wanna work on this web comic thingy with my friends :iconzoingishly: and :iconashfisher: it's gon' be totes awesome.

It's this cool idea where they like go through dimensions and like fight supernatural stuff and it's pretty hardcore. My chick gets disembodied and travels around as a ghost for a while. Pretty sweet.

This is her reference sheet so they can draw and/or colour her appropriately... whenever they see fit XP -is overly detailed-

Esther Blair Anderson is a spunky girl whose emotions bubble just beneath the surface. At 5'5, 120lbs, if you piss her off, she'll fuck yo' shit up. She's often underestimated by people due to her small stature and girlish looks (though the pink hair doesn't help). Raised happily by a couple of hippie parents who let her do basically whatever she wanted, their leniency allowed her freedom to grow and express herself. She was often teased as a child for her first name, so she goes by her middle name 'Blair' and keeps her real name a secret. She will not hesitate to beat the crap out of anyone who mentions her first name. Though she may be lazy at times, overall she's a responsible person. Her friends and family mean the world to her, even though she doesn't always show it. She usually has a steady stream of boyfriends that never last long. She says it's because they can't handle her strong, independent spirit.

When the trio are suddenly thrust into another dimension, her body and spirit are separated and thrown in different directions. While her spirit is learning to adjust to being a 'ghost', her body is essentially lying in a coma somewhere. In her travels to be reunited with her body, she learns that spirits are made of pure energy and she can use that energy to fight. She works hard to develop her powers, and control her emotions (since emotional outbursts cause uncontrollable energy). Despite being a 'ghost', she's not invincible... if anything she's more vulnerable than ever. Not only is her spirit susceptible to damage (and too much damage will cause it to die, and her body along with it), but her body is incapable of protecting itself. If her body is killed, her spirit will very suddenly suffer through great pain and die.

Dimension Hopper (c) :iconashfisher: :iconzoingishly:

Blair (c) :iconbunnystar:

Other Characters:……

Hi Guys c:

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 8, 2012, 2:56 AM
  • Mood: Crazy
  • Listening to: 90s music
  • Reading: your dog
  • Watching: your mom
  • Playing: dance central 2
  • Eating: your face
  • Drinking: water
so... i haven't had an update in forever... seriously, it's been about a year XDDD;;; SO! i figured i would update my life a little.

i've been trying to be a lot more active lately :U i want to stop being lazy so i joined a gym and i've been playing dance central 2 like CRAZYYYYY. BODIE~ *w* he's so pretty~

...anyway. so since i've been busy being... busy XD and when i'm not dancing, i'm drawing... i haven't been on dA lately. not to mention i'm working full time now, so i'm at work all day monday through friday -@ the money's awesome, but it seriously takes away from  my drawing time. lol.

UMMMMM let's see what else... i'm still on my robin kick. i love the robins~ specially dick and jason. so i'm working on part 2 of my robin doodles AND i'm working on an animation that is relevant to my interests =3= hopefully i'll be able to finish and post it. lol it's definitely going to take a while though.

i got my hair cut c:

errrr... if i accepted requests from you and they aren't done yet... they prolly never will be done XD; sorry! i don't feel too bad cuz they were requests, ya know? it's not like you paid for them, otherwise, yes i would have done them XD sorry guys, it's just that the only reason i take requests is because i have no ideas for myself. and every time i accept requests, i'm immediately struck with inspiration... to draw for myself XD and i end up never getting around to the requests ._. i'm a terrible person lol.

sorry if i don't respond to messages immediately. i get REALLY lazy and procrastinate and let my messages build up forever before i finally cave and go through them all. so... it's not that i don't want to talk to you or that i don't appreciate the faves... i'm just fucking lazy as hell and would rather spend my time drawing or dancing XD

hrm... i recently spent a lot of money on a sailor moon belt, a batman belt, and a portal 2 shirt XD so my inner nerd is bursting at the seams right now.

i still plan on being batgirl for halloween. i just need to get started on the damn costume;;; OTL

and on a final note... i currently have ALL but ONE achievement for portal 2. the ONLY ONE i still need is hugging three people on my friends list in co-op. unfortunately, only one of my xbox friends has portal 2... and i don't really play online cuz online people tend to be mean, so i don't have a lot of xbox friends >3>; anyway, i'm still missing two hugs! so. if you have portal 2 and xbox live and you're up for it, will you please friend me and hug me in co-op? c: we don't even have to actually play, just hug me D: just two people. I WANT THAT ACHIEVEMENT!!! /sobs

i think that's it, i can't come up with anything else XD thanks for reading! :3 i love my dA peeps and i hope you all have a happy easter. unless you don't celebrate easter. in which case i hope you have a happy totally normal, not religious day. lol i feel like i'm forgetting something, so i'll prolly have another update soon. i'm gonna try to update a little more often. -cheers!

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i'm bunny~

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